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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Conversation with John Dada: Working with Microfinance and ICT in rural Nigeria

I'm still in Varna. I've been planning to have a podcasting session with John Dada since the time I was introduced to him. I knew about his organization, Fantsuam Foundation ( that works in rural Nigeria and provides IT and mirco-finance services for rural women. Initially the foundation started as a micro-finance organization but now has expanded its activities to ICT and education services too. In the midst of a busiest day, we both could manage a time and to have a chat together. I turn on my small i-river and John Dada speaks out his experiences. The conversation is PODCASTED here.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Meeting Nikolai with his Mobile Wireless Van in Rural Bulgaria

I'm now in Varna, Bulgaria to join APC Council Meeting. Varna is a small port city place and just beside the Black sea. I'm meeting different interesting people, projects who are member to APC and from different countries of the World. Here I met Nikolai, a young guy who parks his wireless van in front of the conference venue to check whether anyone would be interested to use the wireless services that he is providing. Some of the conference participants who didn't bring any laptop are more than happy using Nikolai's wireless connectivity for free. Free! yes, its a project that he is trying to promote. His project's name is: and is supported by UNDP and the Govt. of Bulgaria. Here goes my interview with Nikolai and is PODCASTED here.