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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Talking to Norbert Klein: Open Forum of Cambodia

It was great talking to Norbert Klein, a founder of 'Open Forum of Cambodia' (, that pioneered localizing and popularizing open source computing in war torn Cambodia. Mr. Klien tells me how his organization started using & providing first email services in Cambodia, developed unicode enabled fonts in Khemer language, popularized & standardized it and then now run a nation wide localization initiative with support from the government. 'Open Forum of Cambodia' has also developed different open source localized software such as, Mozilla, Firefox, Open Office in Khemer language too and has spread the waves all across the society. The interview with Norbert Klein is PODCASTED HERE.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Swaminathan Research Foundation (in India) and talking with Arun

I met Prof. Arunachalam at ITU HQ in Geneva and thought to organize an interview on Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF - He is a distinguished fellow and a volunteer spokesperson of MSSRF. So we came out together and went to 'Palais Des Nations' building where we sat in a corner to have this interview. Arun talked about the salient features of ICT enabled development projects that MSSRF runs in rural Southern India and his experience being with it. MSSRF in many ways is considered to be an icon particularly in developing participatory tele-center models in rural areas. The interview is PODCASTED HERE.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Talking about 'Amader Gram' (Our Village) Project

Today I met Reza Salim who is running an interesting project, Amader Gram (Our Village)- in South West rural Bangladesh. Since 1996 Amader Gram is networking 12 schools and 20 villages under 2 upa-zillas (sub-district) of Bagerhat (Rampal) and Khulna (Paikgacha) districts in Bangladesh. Through this project village information, communication and knowledge centers have been created to frame the process of data gathering and digital heritage building. Listen to the detailed of this project from the interview that is PODCASTED HERE.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Interview with Sohrab Razzaghi of Tehran, Iran

I met Dr. Sohrab Razzaghi in the corridor today and decided to run an interview. He is one of the senior civil society organizers in Iran and runs Volunteers Actors ( a capacity building and research organization in Tehran. I had a chance to meet Dr. Razzaghi during my visit to Tehran for WSIS Asia Pacific Conference which they boycotted at that time. His organization Volunteer Actors provide training and capacity building services to other grassroots and civil society organizations in Iran on issues such as, social capital, volunteerism, democracy, civil liberty etc.. They have a number of regular publications too. The interview is podcasted HERE.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Meeting Hamada Tadahisa

Today, I'd an interesting interview session with Hamada Tadahisa, founding chair of Japan Computer Access for Empowerment (JCAFE)- . JCAFE provides Internet and IT education services to different NGOs and civil society organizations in Japan and have as many as 400 organizations on their list of clients. It started working around these issues in 1993 when Internet itself was a new concept to Japanese community and is now engaged even with advocacy/campaign on development issues of Japan. Mr. Tadahisa is attending WSIS Prepcom 3 in Geneva, where I took the interview and is PODCASTED HERE.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Travelling through Zurich

I was travelling to Geneva via Zurich. Feeling a bit tierd as it was an overnight journey, but I was excited to think about joining the meetings at Prepcom 3 and more important to be able to use the podcasting tool. Here is some test podcasting recorded at a time when I was waiting for my connecting flight at Zurich airport. Hope to bring in more audio content from now on. Best wishes,


Monday, September 19, 2005

Borrowed an i-River...

I borrowed an i-River from Mike Roberts of Bellanet ( and am almost flying.. In the last two days, I recorded many things including the sound of bird's chattering to my mom's voice on her experience being a refugee in 1971 liberation war of Bangladesh. I recorded my voice too but had deleted everything now. Podcasting is interesting as it comes with audio content and RSS feed which helps people getting updates fairly quickly... Anyway, this is the start of my experimentation with podcasting..I'll start to use it more frequently in Geneva. BTW, you can hear my first PODCASTING here... Nothing special, just a few words as a test.

Take care,